B.A. (Comm)
A.Mus.A. (Clarinet)
A.Mus.A (Saxophone)
Level 1 Accreditation Orff Schulwerk
Accreditation by MTA NSW:
Clarinet, Saxophone & Music Theory

David Braybrook

Music Educator, Music Director.
David believes modern, innovative music education must embrace an eclectic mix of styles. Through this diversity, the search for a personal voice remains central. David’s approach encompasses classical, jazz, rock, and a range of other styles. David was originally from the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia. Currently in Sydney, he has also lived in Canberra. From a young age, David was obsessed with music and sound. His area of expertise is in the perception, cognition and communication processes in music learning and performance. David studied communication at the University of Canberra, majoring in psychology at the Australian National University and electroacoustic music composition at the Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology.  He later studied film and video production and film music composition at Sydney University (UBS Film School). In 2020 David graduated with a graduate diploma of psychology at Charles Sturt University, achieving the honour of Executive Dean’s List.

As a Musician, David trained on clarinet with Valerie Fawcett, clarinetist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and pianist with the Victorian Opera and Ballet Companies. He holds A.Mus.A. in both clarinet performance and saxophone performance. David holds level 1 accreditation by the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk.  He has worked professionally as a music educator and director for 29 years.  He also plays guitar for fun.

David has also worked extensively in the media industry. He was employed full time as a researcher by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV) in the department of Archives and Library Services to work on a wide variety of news, current affairs, documentary and educational programmes.  

Students trained by David have gone on to have professional careers in leading orchestras such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, as well as recording artists in Jazz/Contemporary music. His Students have gained places in Australia’s top youth orchestras and ensembles, including SYO, AYO, SBSYO, have gained places in highly regarded jazz and classical courses at Australia’s top tertiary institutions, and have received high recognition at high school level.  

David is the founding music director of Stringybark Jazz, a jazz ensemble with a focus on training of jazz and improvisational skills.  David is also the founding music director and current conductor of the Tambourine Bay Winds, a woodwind and percussion ensemble with a focus on training of ensemble skills.  

David’s ongoing areas of interest are the perception and cognition processes involved in music learning and performance, particularly the role of memory and imagination. His passion is making inspiring music education accessible to everyone.

David experiences the perceptual phenomenon known as synaesthesia.

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