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The tonal centre refers to the point around which harmonic and melodic elements revolve. The tonal centre functions as a point of dominance and attraction and also serves as a point of rest and resolution.

The Music Teachers’ Association of NSW is the state’s professional organisation for studio music teachers, encouraging high standards of musical education. Because Tonal Centre Music School is a registered teacher of clarinet, saxophone and music theory with the association, you are assured of recognised, high quality tuition.

Because the school holds level 1 accreditation with the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk, you will experience music lessons that embrace Orff Schulwerk’s creative and holistic approach to music education.

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Tonal Centre Music School is registered with NSW Government as a COVID safe business, so you can be comfortable that all the recommended safety protocols are in place.

Music is for everyone, music is for life.

Tonal Centre Music School has a positive approach to music education. The philosophy is centred around innovative approaches to music education, stressing the importance of creativity and imagination in the learning process. We are all individuals and have a unique learning style. Tonal Centre Music School has a pedagogical focus on learning processes, recognising individual differences.


Tuition is built on 29 years of professional experience in music education, covering many styles, and embracing all ages from primary school to adult, and all levels from beginner to advanced.


Lessons can be for exam or audition preparation, or just for fun and relaxation. In-studio lessons are at Lane Cove, and online video lessons are via Skype or ZOOM. Lessons may be in support of a school band or ensemble, community programme, or simply aimed at achieving personal goals. Enrich you or your child’s life through music at any level. Whether for fun, or the challenge to achieve at the highest personal level.



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