Buffet R13 and R13A Clarinets

Both these instruments were purchased from Pitchfork and Reed, who are based in Pymble. The R13 was bought when I was 17, so it is quite old! It has served me well all these years, and has recently undergone a major service 'overhaul'.  I have the equivalent model A clarinet, though of a newer vintage. I love the controlled, rich sound these instruments produce. The tone is perfect for 'straight' playing, although I also like to swing with the B flat instrument.


set up

Over the years I have played on several different mouthpieces, but mainly use the same Selmer C85/120 I have had for nearly 20 years. With this moughpiece I use Vandoren no. 4 reeds. For playing Jazz I prefer a louder more edgier sound using a Vandoren 5RV lyre mouthpiece with the same reeds - Vandoren no. 4.



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