The clarinet is a woodwind instrument with a long history. It is a classical instrument and jazz instrument. It has a beautiful tone that makes it an amazing solo instrument. It is also used in orchestras, wind ensembles or concert bands, jazz bands, and many other types of musical groups. Clarinets have a history not only in the Western classical tradition, but also in many other cultural traditions. The most common type of clarinet is the Bb soprano. Other types include Eb sopranino, Alto, and bass.

Bass Clarinet

The bass clarinet is a bigger and lower pitched member of the clarinet family. Because of its size it is often played while sitting down, although it can also be played standing up. Most bass clarinet players begin on the clarinet and then later on decide to branch out and play the bass clarinet as well. Some musicians become specialised in the bass clarinet and treat it as their main instrument. Like the clarinet It suits a wide variety of styles, played in classical orchestras, wind ensembles or concert bands. Although many people don’t immediately associate the bass clarinet with jazz, it is very suited to these styles and there are some very well known jazz musicians who play the bass clarinet.

In-studio lessons are at Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia. Online lessons are also an option. Tuition is available for clarinet, saxophone, and music theory. Lessons are weekly, scheduled to closely follow the NSW public school terms. The lesson length can be 30 minutes (beginner), 45 minutes (intermediate), or 60 minutes (advanced). Casual and group lessons are by inquiry.

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