Alto Saxophone

The alto saxophone (alto sax) is a medium sized member of the saxophone family. The saxophone was invented in the 1840’s and has an interesting history related to the political movements of its time. There are many beautiful classical pieces written for the alto saxophone. It is also well known as a jazz instrument. In contemporary styles, the alto sax often plays in rock and funk styles. The other most common types of saxophone are soprano, tenor, and baritone.

Tenor Saxophone

The tenor sax is a little larger than the alto sax, and a little deeper in sound. Like the alto, it can play very beautiful pieces in a classical style. Like the alto, the tenor sax is also a prominent jazz instrument. In contemporary music, the tenor saxophone’s big sound is very common in rock music. The other most common types of saxophone are soprano, alto, and baritone

In-studio lessons are at Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia. Online lessons are also an option. Tuition is available for clarinet, saxophone, and music theory. Lessons are weekly, scheduled to closely follow the NSW public school terms. The lesson length can be 30 minutes (beginner), 45 minutes (intermediate), or 60 minutes (advanced). Casual and group lessons are by inquiry.

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