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2010                    Associate Diploma in Music, Australia (A.Mus.A), in Saxophone performance.

2004                    Certificate IV in Film and Video Production, elective in Music Composition.

                             U.B.S. Film School

                             Film Composing workshop sessions with Guy Gross and John Gray  

1995                    Associate Diploma in Music, Australia (A.Mus.A), in Clarinet performance.

                              Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)

                              Music Composition (private lessons) with Valerie Fawcett, Mus. Bac, AMEB


1994                     Sixth Grade Theory of Music.

                              Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)  

1990-1992          Electroacoustic Music Composition .

                              The Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology  

                               B.A. (Comm).

                              The University of Canberra

                               Major in Psychology.

                              The Australian National University


                        MUSICAL DIRECTOR    

2009-present       Tambourine Bay Winds  

                               Woodwind ensemble from Lane Cove Concert Band   

2008-present       Stringybark Jazz  

                                Jazz Ensemble & Big Band from Lane Cove Concert Band


                        TEACHING EXPERIENCE  

2007-present      Clarinet and Saxophone tutor

                              Willoughby Public School.

1992-present      Private Music Teacher in Clarinet and Saxophone, students of all ages from

                              primary school to adult.  

1997-2002          Clarinet and Saxophone teacher, Conductor of Jazz Ensemble,

                              occasional conductor of Concert Band (rehearsals and performances),

                              band camp tutor.

                              Ryde Public School  

1999-2002          Clarinet and saxophone tutor.

                              Castle Cove Public School  

1994-1997          Volunteer worker in the computer music learning centre (Soundhouse)

                               in a teaching role.

                               the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse)  

1997-present       Band camp and sectional tutor

                               Various Sydney public schools



2002-2008          Saxophonist, Music Arranger

                              The Pacific Coast Horns (TPCH)  

1999-2008          Saxophonist, Clarinetist, Music Arranger

                              Charlie Q Band (QANTAS Show Band)  

1997-2000          Performer, Music Arranger.

                              Licorice Allsorts Clarinet Quartet  

1994                     Clarinetist, The Mikado

                              Riverside Lyric Ensemble  

1993-present      Clarinetist

                               Lane Cove Concert Band  


                      FILM CREDITS  

2004-2006         Faith Healer directed by Peter Lye    

                             Music Composer                             

2004                    Paper Cut directed by Emma Buckley    

                             Music Composer

                             Sound Designer

                             Sound Recordist

                             John Hresc Award for Best Achievement in Sound                             

2004                    Hill 60 directed by Katherine Hodge  

                             Music Composer

                             Music Consultant

                             Boom  Operator



2002                    Framed directed by Greg Miskelly  

                              Music Composer     


                       TV CREDITS  

2005                      Archives Researcher

                                Lateline-ABC TV  

2003                      Film Research

                               Foreign Correspondent-ABC TV  

2003                     Film Research

                              The Rise and Rise of Australian Rugby-ABC TV


                               OTHER ABC TV PROGRAMMES WORKED ON

                               AS A FILM/ARCHIVAL RESEARCHER INCLUDE:  

                               Business Breakfast

                               The World At Noon

                               7pm News

                               7.30 Report


                              Enough Rope

                              ABC Footage Sales



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My interest in music began for me when I was about 7 years old and living in the Northern Territory. I taught myself to read music and play the recorder, later having some lessons on the instrument. I played what I heard on the radio and TV and made up my own pieces which I wrote down on manuscript paper.

When I was a teenager, my family moved to Canberra, and after High School and SecondaryCollege I began a Science degree at the Australian National University with honours mathematics. After a year I realised music was taking over my life, so i decided to make a change. I studied media and music at the University of Canberra and the Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology in Canberra, which also included a Major in Psychology at the Australian National University. This gave me a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comunication.

In 1994 I moved to Sydney where  I continued teaching music as well as working in the field of Optics as an Opical Mechanic and Optical Dispensor. Along the way I gained my A.Mus.A in Clarinet performance.

From 1997 I began working as a research assistant and cataloguer and then as a researcher with the ABC in the Archives and Libraries department. At the ABC I was lucky enough to work on on an exteremely large variety of TV programmes, but my main interest was in in News and Current Affairs. At the same time I continued teaching as well as gaining further qualifications and experience in Film production and Film Music Compostition.

In 2010 I gained a 2nd A.Mus.A., this time in Saxophone performance.

Currently I am working full time developing and running my Music Studio as well as directing two ensembles from the Lane Cove Concert Band.